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Research Consulting

Pharma companies that needs Intestinal UItrasonography implemented in phase II or phase III trials

Investigator initiated studies seeking advice, network and a platform for a multicenter study with an IBUS approval

We offer research consulting and collaboration within the field of inflammatory bowel diseases, mainly Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis. We have great expertise in designing studies, defining endpoints and have a large professional network.

How we work

1. IBUS initiated research

Within IBUS, we plan and conduct our own multicenter research studies with and without external funding. We have made a research plan for relevant questions to be answered within the next 5-10 years. 

2. IBUS affiliated studies

Investigator initiated studies originated from one or more of our excellent IBUS members. These studies are typically improved and accepted by IBUS. They will typically involve Central Reading or be multicenter trials. 

3. Pharma studies with IBUS consulting

Several pharma companies have reached out to IBUS for consultaion on planning and conduction of main or substudies including intestinal ultrasonography as an endpoint.

4. Studies applying Central Reading

The demand for central reading is rising. We support and encourage the use of our Central Reading Online Platform for both investigator initiated studies and sponsor initiated studies. We can also offer help on Central Reading.

5. Multi Center Studies

Multicenter trials are a big advantage for reducing inclusion time and increase real world applicability. We aim at and support well powered multicenter trials within our increasing network of intestinal ultrasound specialists. 

6. Reviews & recommendations

Within IBUS, we plan & conduct systematic reviews & recommendations for image acquisition, storing, describing intestinal ultrasonography (IUS). We aim at improving IUS reproducibility and nomenclature


Research Consulting

Pharma studies

Central Reading Online Platform

Quality assessment / Central Reading

Education in standardization


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