Module 1: Introduction of bowel ultrasonography. Theory & hands-on workshop

The Introduction into bowel ultrasonography is a 2-day workshop. Through the combination of theoretical and practical components, with real persons and, if possible, patients as well as an IBD ultrasonography simulator, participants can learn the basics of ultrasound application in IBD and will retain a copy of a bowel ultrasonography teaching compendium and gain access to the teaching material.

Module 3: ECCO bowel ultrasound training and certification

The Imaging Workshop is a hands-on, practical workshop on bowel ultrasound for the evaluation and monitoring of patients with Inflammatory Bowel Disease and provides a unique opportunity to gain specialist knowledge and some practical experience in this evolving field, which will facilitate non-invasive monitoring and change the participants’ practice. An exam is written after the course and official certificates are handed out to the participants. 

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