IBUS accredited training programme

A core aspect of this training programme is to teach standardization of technique and examination whilst performing GIUS. For this reason, an international ultrasound curriculum has been established, consisting of three educational parts:

1) Introductive Workshop (3 days),

2) Hands-On Training (approx. 40 real-life cases within 4 weeks) and

3) Workshop at the annual convention of ECCO (final exam/1 day).

The first workshop took place in Lueneburg/Germany in November 2016, followed by a hands-on-training for four weeks; the final part of graduation was completion of an examination during the ECCO congress in February 2017. This curriculum was successfully adopted, therefore the next workshop was organized in Milan/Italy in May 2017; subsequent workshops are scheduled for April 2018 in Calgary/Canada and November 2018 in Melbourne/Australia. In 2019 Workshops will be held in Israel and Denmark.

For any further details about above stated modules, please contact the IBUS Group Office office[at]bowel-ultrasound.org